Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

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Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

A sump pump is a “must have” piece of equipment for keeping your crawl space or basement dry.  A sump pump check valve on the other hand,  enables water to run in one direction, in addition to this is the reason why a sump pump works by pushing away water from deep within the swimming pool without it coming back.

As a result, it’s a crucial element to operating your pool’s circulation process, particularly when emptying the warm water for cleansing or maybe general maintenance. Failing to own a high-quality sump pump check valve may compromise the functionality of the pump.

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

Top-quality sump pumps are amazingly strong for the size, but all that power cannot prevent water within the drainage lines from flowing backward as soon as the pump has been switched off, or maybe the power goes out.

A sump pump check valve is connected to your drain lines as well as the pump and will extend the lifespan of the pump preventing water damage. A  Sump pump check valve is the thing that you should install with the pump.

Once the pump removes excess water from the basement, the check valve prevents water from coming back with the backflow and heavy pressure.

In the case of backflow, the valve closes the path and keeps the basin dry  Attention to detail is highly recommended when dealing with plumbing and the role of check valves is a bright example of this.

With that in mind, this article examines five of the very best sump pump check valves you can buy on the market.

1. Campbell CLR1.5 Valve:
Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

The Campbell Sump pump Check Valve  is the finest preferred option and also inexpensive on nearly every budget. It connects to 1.5′ NPT drain lines with slip attachments on each side.

Campbell Check Valve is made generally of plastic with several steel parts on the inside and may be installed in approximately ten minutes.

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

Construction-wise, the Campbell Check Valve is made from heavy-duty, clear PVC information, which helps make it much easier to monitor the businesses on the valve from the exterior, and thus, detecting some error, particularly over the gate, is super easy.

This will give it quite a broad range of purposes as this pipe size is popular on nearly all sump pumps, while the slip connections reduce the risks of water leaks occurring.

Key Features:



  • Clear PVC construction for easy monitoring
  • Heavy-duty PVC system makes it durable and strong very
  • Should be installed in every orientation
  • Spring-loaded gate


  • Spring-loaded gate adds a little pressure on the pump
  • The operation stays quiet and without any noise pollution.

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2.Brady Check Valve 1-1/2:

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

Brady check vents are for use in virtually every water well/irrigation product imaginable. The primary use is preventing water pumps from dropping their key.

This’s the primary reason for pump failure. They may be utilized in vacuum methods and every other program in which backflow prevention is desirable.

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

The Brady sump check valve  use a unique, patented internal look allowing up to fifty % more flow than regular check valves.

This sump pump system check valve is made from high-strength acetal polymer, they’re non-corrosive, earth safe, and also will outlast most metal valves.

Key Features:


  • 1.25-inch inner plus 1.5-inch outer threads
  • High-quality Nitril Bruna N seal
  • ABS construction



  • Much more prone to corrode than ABS models

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3.Campbell B00JFF205Y Valve:
Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

The Campbell B00JFF205Y is the perfect sump pump check valve for homeowners searching for a silent valve. Costing about twenty dollars it’s also inexpensive on any budget.

This sump pump system valve features clear PVC and also comes with Slip x Slip connections. Campbell B00JFF205Y can use highly pressured sump pumps up to 150 PSI approximately a hundred gallons a minute along with a max water temperature of 120 degrees

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

Finding an entirely silent check valve is difficult, but in case your pump can be found near a room it’s a thing you cannot live without.

This Campbell valve is virtually 100 % silent with an excellent flow rate which often could mean you will not pick up a constant clicking on and off in case you reside within a location susceptible to flooding.

Key Features:



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4.Zoeller 30-0041 fifty psi PVC 2 Port Check Valve:

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

In case you’re searching for a two-port check valve that works with sump pumps that switch on over hundred times hourly without generating some noise or even letting in any backflow the Zoeller 30 0041 fifty is an excellent alternative.

Zoeller 30 0041 weighs approximately 0.23 kg and can manage as much as fifty PSI which makes it a great option for effective pump systems which tend to make a great deal of noise.

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

Among the main issues check valve owners report isn’t quite water hammering. The 1/2  internal spring gets rid of this issue while still allowing water to solely flow “out”.

The check valve in addition prevents pipe shaking and other plumbing noises ineffective systems. The Zoeller 30-0181 comes in 1.5 inches that match most of the sump pump pipes

After exploring and also evaluating all of the best-ranked check valves we decided the Zoeller 30 0041 is the very best for many homeowners. It’s made of top-quality PVC and plastic components.

It easily slips over PVC, ABS, Steel pipe or copper pipe. The body is made of ABS plastic and the interior and seal to keep water from flooding back into your pit. This is another way can handle water pressure of up to 11 PSI, If  you have a long way to your drain you might

Key Features:


  • Eliminates hammering
  • Stops noisy pumps from doing a lot of noise in the basement
  • Doesn’t put extra stress onto the sump pump
  • prevents pipe shaking and other plumbing noises in powerful systems


  • 1/2 lb spring might be too intense for weak pumps
  • The plastic is not clear as expected

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5.Campbell Valve B-0823-20C:
Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

Campbell Valve B-0823-20C is perhaps the noiseless check valve you will ever find as it will significantly reduce water hammer and water noise.

It is also generally induced as the water tries to run back when the pumping cycle is done.

Besides Campbell Valve B-0823-20C, the valve closing mechanisms on the interior are stress tried to make certain zero leaks, which assures you of reliable and good results.

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

This product’s entire body is made totally from plastic and contains a one-piece housing that guarantees you will find absolutely no gaskets, that may fail or even begin leaking over time.

For connections, Campbell Valve B-0823-20C, this particular device includes 1.5-inch female sockets that can be not hard to set up over similar-sized Copper pipes, steel, or PVC, and every socket has stainless clamps that help in developing a tighter joint.

Key Features:


  • It is designed to eliminate water hammering
  • Pressure tested valve closing seals
  • Strong plastic, one-piece construction Stainless clamps for tight-fitting over 1.5 inch pipe connections
  • Spring loaded gate ensures waterflow in one direction
  • Clear PVC construction for easy monitoring
  • Heavy-duty PVC structure makes it very strong and durable


  • Expensive


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Backwater valve or sump pump check valve. Which one should you install?

Sump pump check valve

This device prevents water damage and flooding in your home. It catches and removes water that’s rising underground near your home’s foundation.

Backwater valve

A Backwater valve is a very simple device which closes when your local sewer system floods and water is pushed back up into your drain pipe. This valve then closes preventing the water from backing up into your home.

Best way to run a sump pump discharge pipe

It’s important to note that every sump pump needs to have a discharge pipe.  This is what will remove the water from the sump basin.  When it comes to size, the discharge pipe should be sized according to the sump pump manufacturers recommendations.

Sump pump discharges can not be run until sewer or septic systems and as such, the only option is to run them out into your yard.

Ball check valves are also installed in the discharge line mostly from a sewage or waste water pump. Back check valves are what ensure that the effluent does not drain back into the wet well or sewage pit after the

Essential tools needed to install a sump pump valve

Don’t ignore sump pump noise

Low humming sump pump noises from a sump pump are normal. However, if the pump begins humming louder than usual and/or is not pumping water,you will have to investigate.  First, check the vent hole for a clog and clean it out if needed. If this doesn’t help, you may have a stuck check valve

Top 5 Check Valve For Sump Pump

Discharge Piping

You should note that every sump pump has to have a discharge pipe to remove the water from the sump basin. The discharge piping will be effective when the discharge line is sized according to the pump manufacturer’s recommendations. Most sump pumps have a recommended discharge size of 1.5 inches.

How To Choose The Best Check Valve For Sump Pump

There are various sump pump check valves available on the market. Each of them differs substantially in terms of price, quality, durability, performance, etc. Before procuring a check valve for your sump pump have a look at the following points.

Types of Sump Pumps

There are basically two types of sump pumps. The submersible and the pedestal sump pump.

A submersible sump pump is designed to be submerged in the water while the pedestal pump sits in the sump pit but the motor is not designed to get wet so it’s sits outside of the pit

Power level 

Also know the power level of the sump pump. The check valve must be capable of functioning with the horsepower of the sump pump.

The frequency of use

Know the frequency of flooding or the frequency of usage of a sump pump. If the frequency is more then buy a branded sump check valve which can last for a long time.


It emphasizes the speed at which water has to be moved. Select a sump  check valve which can act at a similar speed and also check out for a spring loaded gate. It’s important to note that a spring loaded gate is what keeps water moving in one direction.

Noise reduction

Emphasis on silent check valves. Check valves can create a loud banging noise when it is closed. Therefore choose a silent one.


Wish for a metal check valve which ultimately increases the lifespan of the valve. Plastic check valves have less durability than metal valves.


Check the diameter of the pipe fitted in the sump pump. It is advisable to take a piece of pipe to get a right fit

Frequently Asked Question

Where should the check valve be on a sump pump?

In most cases, there will be a discharge pipe in the sump pump. A sump pump check valve can be found inside your sump system’s discharge line. The goal of it’s preventing the water which was simply pumped out from moving back into the sump pit when the sump pump turns off.
Probably the most appropriate place for a sump pump check valve is closer to the floor level to reduce the amount of water that drains back after every pumping cycle also it’s a handy place for effortless replacement or taking care of the valve. The check valve could be fitted down inside the sump pit but set up and also maintaining aren’t as handy making regular inspections incredibly difficult.

Most importantly, find out the area and you need to put the check valve on that area by cutting the pipe.

Which check valve is best?

The most effective valve doesn’t have any outside moving parts and is identified to be reliable and economical. As time passes, these kinds of regulators can have energy bills that are higher because the disc is still within the flow stream during operation.

Silent check valves are recognized for their peaceful closure. Always are sure to check for the flow rate. Flow pushes the disc to let forward flow.

Is check valve necessary for sump pump?

The main feature of the sump pump check valve is making certain the water actually being pumped from the sump pump pit liner and also through the release plumbing can’t drain back into the liner. You’ll want to hold in your mind pump efficiency, pump protection, and area whenever you go to use a sump pump check valve.

Is it OK to have 2 check valves sump pump?

With a second check valve in case, the 1 on the pump fails is not a great plan. If the check on the pump fails, it should be changed. Getting a second check valve will mask the issue of the very first check valve, and also cause potential contamination and water hammer at the same time.

Can a sump pump check valve be installed horizontally?

Yes, a sump pump check valve can be installed both horizontally and vertically.  Especially if they are going to drain solids they might be installed horizontally.

What is the purpose of a foot valve?

A foot valve is a type of a check valve. It is mostly installed at the bottom of a pipe line or at a pump. Although they act like ball check valves, they have an open end with a shield.

What is a float switch on a sump pump?

A float switch is a level sensor designed to alert your pump to rushing water levels in a sump pit. Mostly,  as the water level rises to a certain point, the float switch opens a circuit which allows the pump to begin pumping water up and out  the basement.

How much water pressure does a sump pump have?

Mostly between 50 and 80 PSI

The water pressure needed is usually between 5o and 80 PSI. However, if you don’t have enough water pressure, you can equally install a battery-powered backup system.

How long can a sump pump last?

The life expectancy of a sump pump depends on how often it operates. However, with proper sump pump repair and maintenance, you can expect it to last 7-10 years.  It’s important to note that you should always seek expert advice when it comes to your sump pump repair.

Can a ball valve reduce water pressure?

It’s very important to note that a ball valve only controls flow and not pressure. It requires less plumbing than a pressure regulator.

Can You Use A Pvc Check Valve With A Sump?

Yes, although you should evaluate the options below as sometimes using a rubber gasket is easier than gluing PVC pipe together. If you are already skilled with PVC pipe then you probably want to consider also installing a union on either side of the valve in case you ever need to replace it in the future.